Free City of Tenriver

Port Nyanzaru


Port Nyanzaru hugs the coastline at the south end of the Bay of Chult. No other city exists in Chult, along the coast or anywhere else, except in ruins or overrun by monstrous creatures. Seven Chultan traders rule the city as merchant princes, enticing folk from up and down the coast with their exotic wares.

Port Nyanzaru is a bastion of civilization and commerce in a savage land. The amount of business that unfolds here and the cash that moves through its counting houses would make any merchant of Tenriver or Rashdan Port jealous. It’s also a colorful, musical, aroma filled, vibrant city in its own right. Other than trade, the biggest attractions are the weekly dinosaur races through the streets. Locals and visitors alike wager princely sums on the races’ outcomes. The city also boasts grand bazaars, glorious mansions and temples , circuses, and gladiatorial contests.



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