This cloudy and decayed eyeball is adorned with miniscule engravings in Undercommon. Often taken from defeated Beholders, these eyes grant some of the power that beholders are capable of invoking at will. Most are crafted into monocles but some brave souls use them as replacement eyes. Prolonged attunement to this item may cause eyestrain, as seeing the world as a beholder does can be draining.


While attuned to this item you gain Darkvision 120ft. In addition, the eye has 4 charges. As a bonus action you may focus your willpower on a target, materializing a random eye ray that strikes your victim. Roll a d4 to define its effects:

D4 Effects
1 Fear Ray – DC 13 Wisdom save, should the target fail they become frightened until the end of your next turn.
2 Death Ray – DC 13 Constitution save, should the target fail they take 3d10 necrotic damage.
3 Force Ray – DC 15 Strength save, should the target fail they are pushed 30ft. in the direction of your choosing.
4 Illusion Ray – DC 13 Intelligence save, should the target fail they believe that they are staring at a brick wall, as far as the eye can see, in all directions. They may repeat the roll at the end of each turn, ending the effect on a successful save.

The eye regains 1d4 charges daily at dawn.


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