Free City of Tenriver

Visions of the Future


Enver stands amongst the ruins of the world. The Childlike Empress weeps over bodies of the fallen as Ugin, the Spirit Dragon claims her soul as well.

“This is the future if Nicol Bolas is not protected. Enver, you are not strong enough to stop this. I will make you stronger.”

The Shadow Gates


Before the dust had even settled after the shadow invasion, the Cabal began an internal war over the Shadow Gates. Each tower believed that the others would use the gates to nefarious ends while claiming their innocence. After hours of bickering, it was decided that each tower would send their best candidate to dismantle them in a joint effort. The process has been quite slow, due to their unwillingness to work together and there are still several gates unattended.


It has been a month since the destruction wrought by the Shadow Invasion. The city is in a state of recovery as nearly every part of the city was affected. The Docks were almost completely destroyed and the Blackfleet Trading Company is in ruins. Rumor is a wealthy investor has offered to bail them out.

The Church of the Twelve began a renovation effort in the Book District, turning it into a haven for the poor and building a large cathedral in the center. After the heroics of the City Watch and Sir Garion, the Cabal have restored their position as guardians of Tenriver and relegated the Long Teef to more menial tasks.

Truthsingers throughout the city sing the praises of the Heroes of the Tower of Light. Your Airship dock has since been completed and docking there fetches a high price as everyone wants to rub elbows with the heroes. Fezwick has retreated to the library and is engaged in a seemingly endless riddle contest with Alessia. Krieger has since developed a mobile Silence spell. Egg and Hoevenen’s crew were able to defend the Dock Markets well and continue their work raiding the sunken treasures of Tenriver.

The heat at the end of the summer has become oppressive making the city more irritable than normal. The constant construction noises and exhausting work of their laborers has turned the city’s nights into dangerous outlets of frustration and anger.

The Heroes of the Tower of Light

A new song has been heard from every tavern in Tenriver,

The beast emerged on a moonless night,
A shadow like a mountain.

The beast devoured all in sight,
The end it seemed was certain.

But the heroes knew what the beast did fear,
And climbed atop their tower.

The heroes stood as the beast did near,
And unleashed their mighty power.

The light of the tower, the light of the tower,
Cut the beast in two. In two!

Don’t thank the guard, Don’t thank the 9,
Thank Harvek and Hanjo and Enver and Boo!

Don’t thank the guild, Don’t thank the 12,
Thank Six and Johnny and Sultan McDOOM!

The Flight of Hanjo

As Hanjo’s spirit leaves his body, he is pulled from eternity and slammed into the Queen’s Roads. Surrounded by narrow stone pathways above and eternal abyss, he looks up to see a beautiful woman in a black feathered dress.

“I am not done with you quite yet little bird. The world has stagnated for too long and change is coming. When your friends call you will return to them, and when you do, seek out the Doom Croaker. He resides in the Tower of Sight and can see things most cannot.”

She bends down and touches Hanjo’s forehead.

“Take my blessing little bird.”

She vanishes leaving Hanjo alone on the road. Suddenly he changes into the form of a raven and takes off into the mists…


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