Free City of Tenriver



Cabal of 9 – Each has own section of the City
Mysterious rulers of the city. 9 Wizards, each from a different school, the 9th from an unknown school. All orders issued by their Executors, 1 for each Wizard, and carried out by the White Guard, ruthless city guards.

Slaver’s Guild – The Narrows
Economic powerhouse of the city. Thousands of slaves pour into and out of the city every day. Constant infighting and price gouging. No clear leader. Strong ties to Blackfleet Trading and Long Teef.

Blackfleet Trading – Controls Dockside. Old Citadel
Brings in goods, food, luxury items. Exports Slaves all around the globe. Military like structure with Admiral Fortune at the head.

Merchant Guilds – Primarily in Lock Street
Up and coming force in the city. Include professions like carpenters and masons as well as all types of merchants. Can be seen vying for the Executors attention at city council meetings.

Nobles – Hightown
Their blood lines tracing back to the glory days of Old Citadel, the nobles strive for the power they once had. Often seen at court overstepping their bounds.

Long Teef – Orctown
Mercenaries employed by nearly every faction in the city. Man the walls and walk the streets. Never afraid to start or finish a fight. Led by an old shaman named Garzulk the Faceless.

Hundred Hoods – The Narrows
Thieve’s Guild of some renown. Led by a goblin named Rovin Four Claw. Some say they are friend of the common people, robbing from the rich and whatnot. In truth they rob from the rich because they have the most money.

Church of the 12 Saints – Hightown
The only legal religion in the Free City of Tenriver, the Church of the 12 Saints is an enigma. Led by the reclusive Apparat, its followers are fervent believers in the tenants of their saints.

Truthsingers – Any Tavern
The Truthsingers are a collection of bards, dancers, and storytellers throughout the city. Their uncanny knowledge of the city’s secrets leads many to seek their help and many others to fear them.

People of the City

Clerics – Unknown
The Cabal has outlawed religion in the city so any temples are hidden. Open practice of the divine is also punishable by imprisonment or death.

Adventurers – Throughout the city
These fortune seekers flock to the city to venture into the ruins beneath the city. Many end up imprisoned, exiled, or dead however.

Free People – Throughout the city
These are the common folk, unaffiliated with any faction or are organized in small neighborhood level groups. They are under no rule except that of the Cabal, but have no say in politics. Usually thieves, migrants, pirates, undesirables.


Darklings – The Sewers
These creatures have found a home in the sewers and darkened streets of Tenriver. Often mistaken for Hundred Hoods. No known leader.

Lord Gafgarrion – Ruins of Old Citadel
There has long been rumors that the former Lord of Citadel still moves in the ruins beneath Old Citadel. He and his undead minions are popular stories for adventurers and the common folk. If true, it could pose a significant threat to the Cabal, but they do not seem scared of it.


Book District
Once home to the city’s scribes, the ramshackle houses that remain are inhabited by the poorest of the city. It has been given the nickname Catchfire for the frequency and voracity of its fires.

Castle Farran
The upper levels of Castle Farran are still intact after the catastrophe that shattered the city. Nobles hold residence but its courts are open to all and merchants gather there weekly to settle trade disputes.

Craft District
White steam and black smoke billow out of the Craft District with equal regularity. Forges have used the heat from the steam vents for ages although with its proximity to Orctown and their needs for steel, many forges have switched to coal and wood burning forges.

What was formerly the middle of the city, is now a city wide dock and warehouse district. Blackfleet Traders control almost the entire eastern portion while the west is a mix of private merchants and traders.

Hightown is literally higher than the rest of the city. Large spires from Old Citadel remain intact and the descendants of nobles of that age still reside there. A private guard keeps out the riff raff.

There are several markets in town. The docks and slave district boast large markets, but the largest is the Central Market near the Grand Gate. Many outside merchant prefer trading there to other markets further inside the city.

This large district is run and organized like an orcish war camp. Worgs and goblin dogs run free and woe betide anyone small enough to look like a snack. The district centers around a longhouse and near constantly engaged pit fighting ring.

Strong magics keep this oasis alive against the smoke and smog that chokes the rest of the town. Access is a prized possession and not available to most. It is a place of peace and respite although at night strange animal noises can be heard.

Slave District
Most of Tenriver is built above the water, on docks and boardwalks but the Slave district appears to have built up a thick layer of mud and muck. Droves of slaves trudge daily from their pens to the markets to the docks and off to the world.

The Narrows
So called due the narrow streets of the district, the Narrows is a dizzying maze of alleyways and is a favorite hideout for thieves and other ne’er do wells. The Long Teef rarely go too far in but rarely have to, as it is well policed by its own residents.


  • Crassus – Largest river
  • Sorin – Second largest
  • Halfempty – depending on season, either raging or a trickle
  • Gutterflow – trash filled river – Prison cages
  • Highwater – spring fed clean river – higher class citizens
  • Redwine(Bloodwine) – marsh river water has red color to it

Free City of Tenriver

Free City of Tenriver AdamMessner