Markets of Leng

A Leng Merchant

Little is known of the Markets of Leng to outsiders, save that you can find anything you need there. For a price. Few know how to get there but it is said to be frequented by hundreds of thousands or people each day.

Those that have traveled to the Markets speak of endless rows of tents each selling wondrous items, weapons, and armor. The Market appears to be policed by free trade and the honor among merchants. Thieves know there are guards hidden in plain sight, ready to cut off the hand of any would be thief. It is unknown if they are employed by any central organization or perhaps just the nearest tent but they are extremely dangerous.

At the center of the Market is a giant terraced pyramid. It serves as the only focal point for the throng of tents as it is the only fixed object in the area. Only the largest deals are brokered here, under the watchful eyes of a powerful beholder.

There are a few staples in the Market, from the strange stick sellers seemingly at every corner to the Gilded Baron, a chain of alehouses that sells no ale, but instead charges by the hour to be around caged Rum Gremlins. There is also the House of Binding Sand, a loose collective of money lenders, where you can often see a long line of forlorn debtors, come to beg for another week.

The people of Leng, if it is indeed an actual place, are squat beady eyed things, that seem to only care about money and trade. Cursed items are of particular interest to them and can fetch quite the price if particularly nasty.

Markets of Leng

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