Individualistic at heart and neutral to the world around them, the Truthsingers are fickle and cunning, working as informants and turncoats. Masters of the arts and battle, Truthsinger members are as dangerous with their performances as they are with their weapons.

Truthsinger members must become masters of their craft, centering their focus on professions of entertainment. Working as spies, humble positions that can easy work their way into courts or among common folk are a priority.

To enter the guild, performers must complete three tasks. The first is creating a song, dance or act that incites a crowd to act. The second is to acquire the service of a patron. Finally, initiates to the Truthsingers must defeat a master of the guild in single combat. Fighting to the master’s chosen song, the two combatants follow the rhythm of the song. Those who miss a step fail to pass the test and must wait a month and a day to try again.

The Truthsingers operate with the desire for information and subtlety. Working as court bards or tavern performers, Truthsingers embed themselves into society, gathering secrets and rumors. Being individualistic, they rarely share their information, using it instead for personal needs or to propel their influence and bargaining power. Throughout the guild, members train in guile and subterfuge. Powerful lords will often enlist Truthsingers as personal assassins or as spies, yet their help comes with a heavy and often unreliable price.

Truthsingers are extremely cautious about their influence in the world. Working to gain influence while remaining anonymous, many members will find powerful patrons to sponsor them. Enraging a Truthsinger has dire consequences as they may call upon the might of their patrons. Those who befriend a member may discover themselves abandoned should the Truthsinger believe that their reputation or anonymity is at stake.


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