A brief history of the world…
   In the long long ago, the realm was ruled by the mighty Dragon Knights. For centuries they protected the people. They stood united against the forces of evil and ruled justly. 125 years ago, the Dragon Knights went to war with each other for unknown reasons. Some suspect greed, lust for power, or corruption. Whatever the cause, the war ended with the destruction of all but 5 of the Knights. Each retreated to his castle and has ruled over the land with an iron fist ever since.
   The Free Cities were formed by merchant guilds and traders, outside the reach of the Dragon Knights and powerful enough to keep them at bay. These cities were built with the greatest of ideals but soon fell to the same perils of greed and corruption. The Free City of Tenriver is no exception. Ruled by slavers, pirates, and a cabal of mages, the city has become a cesspool where the worst of society gathers.

Free City of Tenriver

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