Cabal of 9


Abadeer – Tower of Lore

A huge obsidian tower, etched with geometric lines of gold, rises from the sea south of the city. At dusk, the magical wards surrounding it shimmer in the last of the daylight. The knowledge stored within is said to be greater than the other Towers combined and perhaps even greater than Old Citadel. Their noses may be deep in books, but the students of Lore are masters of every school and are not to be trifled with. Abadeer himself is believed to be the most powerful of the 9 and his executor, Hagabrash, flexes his muscle whenever possible and many seek to curry his favor. It was Abadeer that began the movement to outlaw religion in Tenriver, although curiously it was also he that granted the Church of the 12 free reign.

Illario – Tower of Questions – School of Illusion

The Tower of Questions is hidden in the eastern tenements. Plainly visible but nearly impossible to locate, the dark tower is a maze of dead ends and falsehoods. Its students appear throughout the city and are easily identified by their bizarre robes and eccentric personalities. Illario, the tower’s mercurial headmaster, hasn’t been seen in decades. His edicts are the least influential of the Cabal and the most insane. It is, for some reason, currently illegal to break a mirror in Tenriver and punishable by 7 years working in the slave pens.

Voz’qun – Tower of Death – School of Necromancy

The Tower of Death stands tall above the slums of the Slave District. It is a gleaming golden ziggurat, marred only by the trail of blood that stains the eastern steps. The rituals and sacrifices conducted inside can be heard for miles. The students, if there are any, have never been seen. Many assume they are undead and confined in its depths. The true nature and whereabouts of magister Voz’qun are only guesses and rumor. The most popular being that he sleeps deep in the center of the Tower during the day and preys on the slaves at night. His executor Voz’thun oversees all slave trade throughout the city and is often found in the markets, purchasing foreign delicacies.

Gungdoan – Tower of Protection – School of Abjuration

A massive tree in the center of the park houses one of the most curious schools in the city. Viewed as protectors of the city, its Kuo-toa master Gungdoan, was pivotal in driving off the armies of the dragon knights in the past. Each morning, he sends hundreds of birds out from the upper branches delivering warnings to those he deems have offended either nature or the safety of Tenriver. The students are mostly a mix of abjurers and druids, the latter of which never venture outside the park.

Commorex – Tower of Fire – School of Evocation

While not the tallest tower in Tenriver, the pillars of fire erupting from the training grounds make it visible from any corner of the city. A simple stone structure out of necessity rather than function, it has been rebuilt several times each year due to various unsupervised activities. The tower’s magister, Commorex, teaches each student individually, the lessons lasting twenty or more hours at a grueling pace. Given the size of the student body however, students wait upwards of a year between lessons.

Orb of Selebus – Tower of Change – School of Transmutation

Decades ago, master transmuter Selebus attempted to prove himself to the former magister of the Tower of Change. He outdid himself and became the true master of the tower, by polymorphing himself into it. Today his face is known by every person in Tenriver – being that it is a 30 foot diameter stone sphere embedded a the top of the tower. Transmutation students split their time between studying and maintaining the flow of æther keeping the Orb alive.

Doomcroaker – Tower of Sight – School of Divination

A large bronze telescope dominates the courtyard of this squat walled building. Divination implements of all kinds are strewn haphazardly around it. Each is accompanied by an eccentric wizard shouting coordinates to the telescope’s controller, who sits idle most of the time, waiting to see which wizard has the proper claim of imminent doom. The lone tower inside the walls is occupied by its magister, the Doomcroaker, a probably blind, definitely crazy kenku who has predicted some of the largest events in Tenriver’s history. Although his predictions are so vague, they are of little value until after the event has taken place.

Moraegh – Tower of Charms – School of Enchantment

Five gnarled, grey, and twisted oaks sprout from the cobblestones to form a giant looming tower. The surrounding buildings give the area a wide berth and board their windows. Little is known of the interior as those who dare enter are often much different on their return. The students rarely venture out but cause quite a stir when they do. Moraegh goes by many names, but few are willing to say them out loud. She is rumored to have gained her powers through direct dealings with the River Witch herself. Her second in command, A wisened old crone named Thatch consults with the courts on Moraegh’s behalf.

Ramus – Tower of Ether – School of Conjuration

Located at the edge of the Crassus river, the Tower of Ether glows with magical energy day and night. The æther currents that once powered Old Citadel still function here and the display is inspiring. Students of the Tower of Ether are often seen bandaged and scarred, as their summonings have, on occasion, tapped into the æther and double or tripled in size and strength. Ramus, their magister, seems to believe that this volatility is a good learning tool and is rumored to be a conjured being himself, sustaining permanence in this world via the tower.

Cogsworth Throttleplug – Tower of Making – School of Artifice

Not technically part of the Cabal of 9 but its power is worthy of mention. The newest of the towers in Tenriver, it appeared almost overnight, as a pile of ruins near the docks stood up and decided to reform itself. Students of Artifice are strange indeed, spending more time at work in forges or laboratories than studying the ways of magic. Dockworkers know not to start a conversation with them lest they be trapped for hours. Throttleplug is always accompanied by his two mechanical guards, which he created himself. He appears personally at City meetings and has enough economic power to make himself heard.

Cabal of 9

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