The Cosmic Owl – God of wisdom and dreams – LG
The Gypsy Trader – Goddess of luck and desire – NG
The Cat Lord – God of mischief and delight – CG
The Clock Maker – God of time and destiny – LN
The Raven Queen – Goddess of magic and death – N
The Stonesinger – God of creation and destruction – CN
The Bastard Prince – God of tyranny and damnation – LE
The Hollow One – Goddess of loss and despair – NE
The Goblin King – God of illusion and delirium – CE

Gods of Light and Darkness
The Childlike Empress – Goddess of light and purity – LG
The Nothing – God of the abyss and endings – LE

Fey Gods
The Nightwalker – God of the forests and rebirth – NG
The Moonlit Mask – Goddess of wine and beauty – CG
The Bear King – God of the hunt and feasts – N
The Grinning Liar – God of riddles and journeys – CN
The Frost Knight – God of trials and ceremonies – NE
The River Witch – Goddess of rivers and curses – CE

Racial Gods
The Forgefather – God of dwarves and craftsmanship LG

Monstrous Gods
The Chieftain – God of orcs and strength – NE
The Hidden Blade – God of bugbears and stealth – NE
The Carrion Feeder – God of gnolls and terror – CE
The Thousand Teeth – God of goblins and hordes – CE
The Watch Captain – God of hobgoblins and cunning – LE

Other Gods of Note
The Iron Maiden – Goddess of strategy and war – LN
The Iron Butterfly – Goddess of gardens and peace -LG


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